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The Noël Coward Music Index

The Noël Coward Music Index researched and written by  the late Alan Farley and Dominic Vlasto is is now a distinct website with search facilities.

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If you want to find out more about the music, songs and lyrics of Noël Coward then browse the index and its appendices. For those looking for a particular piece then the best starting point is the alphalist where all Coward's known music, songs, and lyrics are listed by title. The link for this and other parts of the index are shown above and in the left hand Menu.

All known musical titles by Noël Coward, including music without lyrics are listed here alphabetically.

All of the information provided on the site is linked to individual Song Titles - a generic term for any lyric, song or piece of musical composition, or fragment of same, by Noël Coward.

We include guidance on obtaining music and recordings of the works listed here - where they are available - or listing the source of the material where it may be possible to view it.

The Key resource for sheet music and music compilations is Faber Music. More...

We now provide links to extant recordings of Noël Coward's songs and music where they are available on the online music stores (UK) and (US) and iTunes.

Historic recordings can be found on online stores that specialise in used recordings or on eBay (UK) and eBay (US).

The most comprehensive book on the lyrics is 'The Complete Lyrics of Noël Coward' edited by Barry Day. More...

For more about the editors and creators of this unique resource see Author Credits...

More in the form of an interview conducted by Marcy Kahan with Dominic Vlasto

This website is dedicated to the memory of Alan Farley


The latest information and reviews of new CDs and DVDs of Coward's music as they are published...

Recent CDs are:

Steve Ross
Off The Record Unrecorded Coward
22 never-before recorded Coward songs performed by Steve Ross, Jeanne Lehman, Lisa Riegel, and Edward Hibbert, with stories of songs told by Steve. Its hard to believe these great songs were never before recorded.

Steve Ross

Audio CD - Price: $17.95
Available through

Shana Farr - Out Of The Shadows
Ms. Farr was a participant in the 2012 Noël Coward Competition and was the winner of The Julie Wilson Award at the annual Cabaret Convention in October 2012. Her new CD includes selections by Noël Coward.

Shana Farr

Audio CD - Price: $14.99 (plus $2.99 shipping)
Available through

Kevin Dozier - Love’s Never Lost
Mr. Dozier was a participant in the first Coward Competition in 2010. He entertained at the annual Noël Coward Society luncheon in 2010. He has often sung Coward in his performances and includes a selection in his newest CD.

Kevin Dozier

Audio CD - Price: $12.00
Available through and

Christine Ebersole - Sings Noël Coward

Christine Ebersole

"If you've heard Christine Ebersole sing, you know her lovely, crystal-clear voice alone is enough of a reason to get this CD. But, what I really love about this one is that her brilliant acting comes through and makes it just a delight. She interprets the songs and it translates--you can hear her smile; feel the heartbreak... It's really special." Web

Noël Coward  - His Voice in Verse

Noël Coward His Voice in Verse

Barry Day has produced a recording of Coward’s verse read by Coward, his contemporaries and current actors and performers. The CD is being sold in aid of The Combined Theatrical Charities and sells in the UK at £7.99 or in the US $15 p&p included. If you would like a copy please contact Stephen Greenman in the UK and Ken Starrett in the US.

All proceeds go to The Combined Theatrical Charities.

Abbreviations used in the Index

Information in the Alphabetical Index entries always follows the same pattern:
EITHER: a 'See' - a link to a reference elsewhere in the NCMI

Date and place of composition, if known. (This item is in brackets if supposed or inferred rather than known for a fact)
2. USE:
First Use (usually named show in italics) (sung by named performer(s) in brackets.
Also used In (named show(s) ) (performers)

Published - as sheet music ('Sep.Publ.')
- in vocal score of relevant show ('Vocal Score')
- in album (identified by code - see Appendix 2a)
Unpublished Manuscript in archive ('Unpubl./MS')
+ any supporting source notes

General information on background and supporting notes for information given above;
Description of number and brief musical commentary
References to other titles and/or references to further information in other sections of the index (refs)

Selected discography listed by date order (refs)Noël Coward is always NC. Names of other people, once mentioned in a specific entry, are thereafter abbreviated to their initials.
How abbreviations are presented:
Capital letters in bold script (e.g. BD or NCSL) is a bibliographical source reference code (References, Sect. 3)
Titles of Musical Productions are in italic (References, Sect. 2)
Code letters (e.g. NCSB) for Source identify a particular musical publication (Appendix 2). Some combinations of abbreviations have specific meanings:
MS Vocal Score unpublished vocal score
pno.sel. published piano selection
sep.publ. item printed as separate sheet music.
Code letters OCR, NCR and ONR refer to entries in the full Discography
(Appendix 4).
Other abbreviations, including those for Show Titles, are used throughout this section of the index for the sake of brevity.

Abbreviations that are used throughout the Index but particularly in the Alphabetical Index, for the sake of brevity.   While the meaning of most of these should be fairly self-evident, the following lists may be useful:

@ Item to be found in (source)
acc. Accompanied by/Accompanist
AES Album of Eight Songs
(see Appendix 2a)
arr. Arranged by/Arranger
c. circa (about, used for approximate dates)
Cowardy Custard Cowardy Custard (vocal score)
(see Appendix 2a)
ch. Chorus
cond. Conducted by/Conductor
CPA Noël Coward Concert Party Album
(see Appendix 2a)
Est. The Noël Coward Estate (archives)
intro. introduction
Lond. London
M&M The Mander & Mitchenson Theatre Collection, or ref. toTheatrical Companion to Coward (see bibliography)
MD Musical Director
MS (unpublished) Manuscript (handwritten) music copy
NC Noël Coward
NCG 1/2 A Noël Coward Gala (song albums) (see Appendix 2a)
NCR Recording by No‘l Coward
(see Appendix 4b)
NCSB Noël Coward Song Book
(see Appendix 2a)
No. number (#)
NY New York
OCR Original Cast Recording
(see Appendix 4a)
ONR Other Notable Recording
(see Appendix 4c)
orch. Orchestrated by/Orchestra
orig. Original/originally
perf. performance/performed
pno. Piano
prod. production
publ. Publisher/published
q.v. (quod vide ) refer to other named item

ref. refrain/reference
SA 1/2 Noël Coward Song Album 1 or 2
(see Appendix 2a)
sel. selection
sep. separate/separately
STA Songs to Amuse (see Appendix 2a)
unpubl. Unpublished
v. vocal/vocalist
vol. volume
Vocal Score Vocal Score
W/C Warner/Chappell Music (publishers)
WW Waiting in the Wings folio of songs
(see Appendix 2a)

Abbreviations of principal show titles:

AOC Ace of Clubs, 1950
ATB After The Ball, 1954
BS Bitter Sweet, 1929
C24R Charlot's Revue(s) 1924/1926
C31R Cochran's 1931 Revue
CAB Cabaret Performances, 1951-55
CAV Cavalcade, 1931
Cowardy Custard Cowardy Custard, 1972
CP Conversation Piece, 1934
GR The Globe Revue, 1952
LC London Calling, 1923
LR The Lyric Revue, 1951
O Operette, 1938
P1860 Pacific 1860, 1946
PL Private Lives, 1930
SA Sail Away, 1961
SNM Sigh No More, 1945
STM Set To Music, 1939
TAET Tonight at 8.30, 1936
TG The Girl Who Came to Supper, 1963
TWM Together With Music, 1955
TYOG This Year of Grace, 1928
WAM Words and Music, 1932
WW Waiting in the Wings, 1960
A fuller list of productions can be found here!

This website is dedicated to the memory of Alan Farley

The Authors

The late Alan Farley was senior producer and presenter for arts programmes with KALW Radio, San Francisco. He spent many years interviewing people who worked with Coward, and amassed an unrivalled collection of commercial and archival recordings in the process of presenting over 150 radio programmes on Coward's music.

Dominic Vlasto is as a Cambridge-trained musicologist and performer whose detailed interest in Coward's music was spurred over twenty years ago by working with Coward's own accompanist, Norman Hackforth. He was the musical contributor to 'Look Back in Pleasure', published by Methuen in the wake of the Coward Centenary conference.

Web Designer

John Knowles is a consultant in digital design to the Estates of Noël Coward and Terence Rattigan. He also works as a freelance designer working with Alan Brodie Representation and other theatrical concerns. He is currently General Manager of the Noël Coward Society.