The details of recordings presented in these lists are drawn from several sources: the previous discographies presented in Theatrical Companion to Coward  by Mander and Mitchenson (1957) and The Complete Entertainment Discography (2nd Edn.) by Brian Rust (1989), and the extensive personal collections of the authors, assembled over the past twenty-five years.  We would also like particularly to acknowledge the contributions of Reg Fulton and Stanley Hall, both of whom helped with information and contributed individual recordings to our collections over the years.

We attempt to be exhaustive in Sections a. and b. (Original Cast Recordings [OCR] and Noël Coward's recordings [NCR]), but not in Section c. (Other Notable Recordings [ONR]).  The lack of exhaustiveness in ONR is justified partly on account of it being impractical and time-consuming to keep wholly up to date with all new issues, and partly on account of our not particularly wanting to include those recordings whose presentation or style seem to us to have little to recommend them.

In OCR and NCR, if no CD issue is currently available, the most recent CD, Lp or 78 rpm issue is given.

For ONR, it was decided that all albums consisting of at least one-half Coward material should be listed in detail, and significant individual recordings within these albums are highlighted in their contents list in bold.  Such highlighted interpretations seem to us to be important or interesting enough to merit cross-referencing to the Alphabetical List entries.  All the individual recordings in the non-album remainder of the ONR list have already been deemed to be "significant".  There is a note at the end of the list about several further potentially interesting individual recordings which we have not felt able to include owing to lack of confirmation.  Unless the only known recordings exist solely on Lp, Cassette or 78 rpm discs, only CD issues of individual recordings are listed.

For reasons of their general unavailability, all private recordings and recordings taken from radio and television broadcasts, if they have not been commercially released, are not included.  We have noted a couple of instances where historically important recordings exist which have not been included with other material from the same source issued on a certain album or CD.

Original Cast Recordings (OCR)
Recorded Performances by Noël Coward (NCR)

Other Notable Recordings of Coward's music (ONR)
- Individual Recordings