Discography - Recorded Performances by Noël Coward (NCR)

Many of the following recordings are included on HMV 4 CD set “The Master’s Voice” EMI 0777 7 80580 2 1 (in US: Angel 0777 7 54919 2 0)

For the more genuinely “complete” recordings made by Coward, follow the series of CD releases on the NAXOS Nostalgia label (still in issue, 2004). To date these have included:

Vol.1: A Room With A View (1928-1932) [2001]: 8.120529
Vol.2: Mad Dogs And Englishmen (1932-1936) [2001]: 8.120559
Vol.3: Mad About The Boy (1932-1943) [2002]: 8.120623
Vol.4: I Wonder What Happened To Him (1944-1951) [2004]: 8.120721

NCR 01: Hayes, Middlesex, April 25, 1928.
Orch. cond./acc. by Carroll Gibbons

A Room With A View
Dance, Little Lady

NCR 02: Hayes Middlesex, April 27, 1928.
Orch. cond./acc. by Carroll Gibbons

Mary Make-Believe
Try To Learn To Love

NCR 03: Hayes, Middlesex, May 15, 1928.
pno.acc. by Carroll Gibbons

The Dream Is Over

NCR 04: Small Queen's Hall, London, Sept. 11, 1929.
pno.acc. by Carroll Gibbons
(Although the recording details are unclear as to the identity of the accompanist, 'World Weary' in particular demonstrates a convincing Gibbons style.)

World Weary

NCR 05: Small Queen's Hall, London, Sept. 15, 1930.

(Private Lives excerpts with Gertrude Lawrence)

See OCR 06.

NCR 06: Small Queen's Hall, London, January 2, 1931.

Orch.cond./ acc. by Ray Noble.

Half-Caste Woman
Any Little Fish


NCR 07: Kingsway Hall, London, October 15, 1931

(New Mayfair) Orch. cond. /acc. by Ray Noble.

Cavalcade - Vocal Selection Part I: (Intro / Soldiers Of The Queen / Goodbye, Dolly Gray/ Lover Of My Dreams/ I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside/ Goodbye, My Bluebell/ Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Everybody's Doing It) (various authors)

NCR 08: Kingsway Hall, London, October 28, 1931

(New Mayfair) Orch. cond./ acc. by Ray Noble.

Lover Of My Dreams (Mirabelle Waltz)


NCR 09: London, May 19, 1932

New Mayfair Orchestra cond. by Ray Noble.

Cavalcade - Vocal Selection Part 2 : (Let's All Go Down The Strand/If You Were the Only Girl in the World/Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty/There's A Long, Long Trail/Keep The Home Fires Burning/Twentieth Century Blues) (various authors)

Noël Coward Medley - Part I : (Parisian Pierrot-Poor Little Rich Girl/A Room With A View/Dance, Little Lady)

Noël Coward Medley - Part 2: (Someday I'll Find You /Any Little Fish/If You Could Only Come With Me/ I'll See You Again)

NCR 10: London, September 20, 1932.
Orch. cond./acc. by Ray Noble.

*Probably self-accompaniment by NC himself; included only on CD NAXOS Nostalgia 8.120623 (2002) ('Noël Coward Vol. 3 - Mad About The Boy'). The rest on HMV. [NAXOS CD also includes most of NCRs 17-25.]

*Mad About The Boy (archive recording not originally released)
Let's Say Goodbye
The Party's Over Now
Something To Do With Spring
Mad Dogs And Englishmen

(This release had very good reviews at the time of issue.)

NCR 11: New York, April 11, 1933.

Acc. by Leo Reisman and his Orchestra.

(*titles are instrumental only)

In medley: Tokay*/World Weary/Caballero*/Green Carnation/I'll See You Again*/Poor Little Rich Girl*/Ziegeuner/Dear Little Café*/The Call of Life/Ladies of the Town*

NCR 12: London, February 26, 1934.


(Duets from Conversation Piece with Yvonne Printemps)

See OCR 08


NCR 13: London, October 29, 1934.


Pno. acc. by Carroll Gibbons


I Travel Alone
Most Of Ev'ry Day
Love In Bloom (Robin/Rainger)
Fare Thee Well (Coslow)


NCR 14: London, August 15, 1935


Orch. cond. & pno. acc. by Clifford Greenwood


Mrs. Worthington
We Were So Young (Kern and Hammerstein) (pno. acc. only)

NCR 15: London, January 15, 1936, and
NCR 16
: London, January 16, 1936


(dialogue and duets from Tonight at 8.30 with Gertrude Lawrence, etc.)

See OCR 09


NCR 17: London, February 13, 1936.


Phoenix Theatre Orchestra, orch. cond. & pno. acc. Clifford Greenwood

Parisian Pierrot
We Were Dancing


NCR 18: New York, December 3 1936:
(NBC Royal Gelatin Hour presentation of 'Red Peppers')

Lp AIE 2119
('Gertrude Lawrence - Star Quality')

Has Anybody Seen Our Ship? (with Gertrude Lawrence)

NCR 19: London, February 3, 1938


His Majesty's Theatre Orchestra cond. Francis M. Collinson.

[Though this was called "His Majesty's Theatre Orchestra", in fact the recordings were made even before the Manchester tryout opened; and by the time the show opened in London, Benjamin Frankel replaced F. M. Collinson as MD, there was some re-orchestration, and 'Gipsy Melody' had been cut.]

Dearest Love
Where Are The Songs We Sung?
The Stately Homes Of England
Gipsy Melody


NCR 20: London, March 24th, 1938.


Pno acc. by Carroll Gibbons.


Dearest Love
I'll See You Again
Just Let Me Look At You (Kern/Fields)
Poor Little Rich Girl


NCR 21: New York, January 29, 1939:

Lp AIE 2122
('The Master's Choice')

(NBC broadcast 'The Circle' hosted by Ronald Colman)

Orch. cond. Emmet Dolan.


I Went to A Marvellous Party


NCR 22: London, July 3, 1941.


Orch. cond./ acc. Carroll Gibbons.


London Pride
The Last Time I Saw Paris (Kern/Hammerstein)


NCR 23: London, July 28, 1941.


Orch. cond. & pno. acc. by Carroll Gibbons.


Could You Please Oblige Us With A Bren Gun?
There Have Been Songs In England
Imagine The Duchess's Feelings (pno.acc.only)
It's Only You (Gibbons) (pno.acc.only)


NCR 24: London, July 2, 1943.


Pno acc. by Robb Stewart.


Don't Let's Be Beastly To The Germans


NCR 25: London, July 2, 1943.
Pno acc. by Robb Stewart.
(Previous sources gave July 6 for this recording date; hence it having a separate NCR number, which is now difficult to change; but recent research on the (unpublished bits of the) Noel Coward Diaries makes it quite clear that the Kern and Porter numbers were done on the same day as ‘Germans’, and that they “recorded all afternoon”.

I'm Old Fashioned (Kern/Mercer)
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (Porter)


NCR 26: New York, January 1944
The Treasury Orch.cond. (& accomp.?) by David Broekman

PAST CD 7840
(Noël Coward On The Air)

Waltz Medley (incl. I'll See You Again, Someday I'll Find You, Let's Say Goodbye, I'll Follow My Secret Heart, I'll See You Again)
Don't Let's Be Beastly To the Germans

NCR 27: Calcutta, July 10, 1944.

CD NAXOS Nostalgia
8.120721 (2004)

Pno. acc. by Norman Hackforth.


[This CD also includes most of NCRs 26-33.]


Loch Lomond (Trad./Hackforth)
There Have Been Songs in England
Uncle Harry
Music Hath Charms (Hackforth)*
I Wonder What Happened to Him?


NCR 28: London, September 14, 1945.


Piccadilly Theatre Orchestra cond. Mantovani:


or *pno. acc. Robb Stewart (not Carroll Gibbons, as has been identified in some previously published credits. NCD of 14 Sept. 1945 refers)

Sigh No More
I Wonder What Happened To Him*
Never Again
Wait A Bit, Joe*


NCR 29: London, January 9, 1947.


Acc. Drury Lane Orchestra, cond. Mantovani


Bright Was The Day
This Is A Changing World
His Excellency Regrets
Uncle Harry
I Never Knew [originally rejected but later released]
I Saw No Shadow
One, Two, Three

NCR 30: London, early June 1947
Acc. Mantovani & Orchestra
(recordings made for radio programmes broadcasts)

PAST CD 7840
(Noël Coward On The Air )

also see ONR list and notes for details of other tracks in same series sung by other artistes

Someday I'll Find You (orchestral intro.)
Mad Dogs and Englishmen
The Stately Homes of England
London Pride
His Excellency Regrets
Where are the Songs We Sung?
Don't Let's Be Beastly to the Germans
Mrs Worthington
This Is a Changing World
I Went to a Marvellous Party (pno. acc. only)
I Saw No Shadow
Uncle Harry
Waltz Medley (inc. I'll See You Again, Someday I'll Find You, Let's Say Goodbye, I'll Follow My Secret Heart, I'll See You Again)
I'll See You Again (orchestral closing)


NCR 31: London, July 3, 1950.


Cambridge Theatre Orchestra, cond. Mantovani.




NCR 32: New York, January 26, 1951.

Lp CBS ASL 163
(Conversation Piece)

Orchestrations by Carol Huxley; Orch. cond. Lehman Engel.

Regency Rakes
There's Always Something Fishy About the French
There Was Once a Little Village


*For other titles on this recording see ONR 06.


NCR 33: London, July 12, 1951.


Café de Paris Orchestra with pno. acc. by Norman Hackforth


Don't Make Fun Of The Fair (pno. acc. only)
Sail Away


NCR 34: London, December 14, 1951.


Café de Paris Orchestra cond. Sidney Simone with pno.acc. by Norman Hackforth

Noël Coward Medley - Part I (intro. I'll See You Again/Dance, Little Lady/Poor Little Rich Girl/A Room With A View)

Noël Coward Medley - Part 2 (intro. , Any Little Fish/You Were There/Someday I'll Find You/I'll Follow My Secret Heart/If Love Were All/Play, Orchestra, Play)

Why Does Love Get In The Way?
I Like America


NCR 35: London, June 9, 1952.


Café de Paris Orchestra cond. Sidney Simone & pno.acc. by Norman Hackforth

Time And Again
There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner


NCR 36: London June 24, 1954.

1) Lp MAGNA ZZ89
('A Broadcast Tribute to Stage and Screen Royalty')
2) DRG Lp DARC-11106
('Commmand Performance')

(Night of 100 Stars)


Pno.acc.by Norman Hackforth


1) Mad Dogs and Englishmen
2) Let's Do It (Porter)


NCR 37: London, 14 July 1954.
Wally Stott and Orchestra.
Orchestrations by Wally Stott (became Angela Morley)
Piano Accomp. by Norman Hackforth

CD MCSR 3030 (2005)
('I'll See You Again')

(These recordings show an interesting transition from the older, UK-based NCR recordings and the later, US-based ones: here NC has clearly refined his performances after experience in cabaret at the Café de Paris, and the interpretations are tighter and more incisive than much which precedes them. The accompanying orchestrations and piano accompaniments are well-organised and sympathetic, though still relying on a 'standard' orchestra - with strings often to the fore - rather than a jazz-type orchestra featuring brasses and reeds. Many of Stott's arrangements were clearly used as the basis for Peter Matz's re-orchestrations/accompaniments for the following year's performances at Las Vegas. This CD comes with astonishingly thorough sleeve notes.)

A Room with a View
Mrs Worthington
World Weary
Alice Is at It Again
Someday I'll Find You
Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Poor Little Rich Girl
Uncle Harry
I'll See You Again


NCR 38: Las Vegas, June 27/28, 1955
Carleton Hayes and Orchestra
Arrangements and pno.acc. Peter Matz

Orig.Lp release: ML5063
1. Sony CD MDK 47253
('The Noel Coward Album')
2. DRG CD 19037 (2003)

Notes: For the numbers common to NCR 37 (marked *), Matz clearly used the Wally Stott orchestrations/arrangements from NCR 37 as his template, but re-orchestrated for "a typical Las Vegas show band with saxophones and many trumpets and trombones". NC thought Matz's orchestral arrangements "vital and imaginative. Sometimes they go too far for my personal taste, but I cannot fail to be impressed".
The Las Vegas recordings were made over two days, of four performances. The DRG reissue of 2003 seems to have used an entirely different series of masters from those used on Sony. Although the fine detail of the performances is remarkably similar (showing how closely the material had been rehearsed), clear differences can be discerned, most obviously in details of the spoken introductions and minor lyric variants. The more glaringly obvious points of difference are detailed below.


*Uncle Harry
Loch Lomond (Hackforth)
A Bar on the Piccola Marina
*World Weary
*Mad Dogs and Englishmen

*Alice Is at It Again
*A Room with a View
Let's Do It (Porter)

The Party's Over Now

(I'll See You Again/Dance, Little Lady/Poor Little Rich Girl/A Room with a View/ Someday I'll Find You/I'll Follow My Secret heart/If Love Were All/Play, Orchestra Play) [completely new spoken introduction on DRG]

[Sony has a small excision - the 'Carmen Miranda' lines]
[DRG has NC spoken acknowledgement to the orchestra and P. Matz]
[variation in the lyric in the Verse section]

[minor word differences]

[Sony shows much livelier audience reaction, and a couple of missing lines of lyrics in final Refrain]
[not on Sony at all]

NCR 39: New York, October 22, 1955.


(Together with Music on CBS TV)


See OCR 16


NCR 40: New York, October 18-19, & November 2, 1956. Arr./orch. cond. & pno.acc. by Peter Matz

Sony CD MDK47253
('The Noël Coward Album')
('Noël Coward in New York')
CD DRG 19038 (2003)

(These NCR recordings are probably the best NC ever made, both in terms of the quality of recorded sound as well as the timbre, control and tuning of his own voice. The items recorded on 2 Nov (+), accompanied just by Matz and a small combo of expert individual instrumentalists, are particularly sympathetic presentations.)

What's Going to Happen to the Tots?
Sail Away+
Wait a Bit, Joe Twentieth Century Blues+
I Wonder What Happened to Him?
The Party's Over, Now
I Like America
Half-Caste Woman+
I Went to a Marvelous Party+
Time and Again+
Why Must the Show Go On?
Medley (Let's Say Goodbye/Teach Me to Dance Like Grandma/We Were Dancing/Sigh No More/Zigeuner/You Were There/Nevermore/I'll See You Again/Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

NCR 41: London, July 25, 1958.
(Night of 100 Stars)
Accompanist: Norman Hackforth

('A Broadcast Tribute to Stage and Screen Royalty')

(An interesting rarity: post-Las Vegas arrangements with the pre-Las Vegas accompanist.)

What's Going to Happen to the Tots?
Medley (I'll See You Again/Dance, Little Lady/Poor Little Rich Girl/A Room with a View/Someday I'll Find You/I'll Follow My Secret heart/If Love Were All/Play, Orchestra Play)

NCR 42: London; during late 1959/early 1960
(The accompanist is probably Douglas Gamley)

CD HCD 1701
('Noël Coward Sings Sail Away and Other Rarities')

(* = unreleased titles)


Later than Spring*
The Passenger's Always Right*
I Wanted to Show You Paris
Family Dirge
Where Shall I Find Him*
Why Do the Wrong People Travel*
Reprise: I Wanted to Show You Paris*


NCR 43: New York, April 21, 1961.

CD HCD 1701.

('Noël Coward Sings Sail Away and Other Rarities')


(Pno.acc. probably by Fred Werner)


Come to Me
I Am No Good At Love
Sail Away
Where Shall I Find Him?
Beatnik Love Affair
Later Than Spring
The Passenger's Always Right
Useless Useful Phrases
This Is a Night for Lovers
The Customer's Always Right
Something Very Strange
The Little Ones' ABC
When You Want Me
Why Do the Wrong People Travel?
This Is a Changing World
Bronxville Darby and Joan


NCR 44: New York, October 10, 1961.

CD HCD 1701

('Noël Coward Sings Sail Away and Other Rarities')
(accompanist unknown)


Bronxville Darby and Joan (NC and Joe Layton)
This Is a night for Lovers ("joke" version, NC and Layton)


NCR 45: New York, December, 1961.

CD EMI 520 726 2 0

Arr./orch.cond & pno. acc. by Peter Matz

(Noël Coward sings his score to Sail Away)

The Customer's Always Right
Go Slow, Johnny
Later Than Spring
Beatnik Love Affair
Why Do the Wrong People travel?
When You Want Me Something
Very Strange
You're a Long, Long Way from America
Useless useful Phrases
The Passenger's Always Right
Where Shall I find (Her)?
Sail Away


NCR 46: New York, April14, 1963.

CD DRG 5178

('Noël Coward Sings his score for The Girl who Came to Supper')

Unknown pianist.


Time Will Tell
Long Live the King (If He Can)
I've Been Invited to a Party
When Foreign Princes Come to Visit Us
Sir or Ma'am
If Only Mrs Applejohn Were Here
I'm a Lonely Man


London Is a Little Bit of All Right
What Ho, Mrs Brisket
Saturday Night at the Rose and Crown
What's the Matter with a Nice Beef Stew?
Don't take Our Charlie for the Army


Here and Now
Coronation Chorale
(How Do You Do) Middle Age
Curt, Clear and Concise
Just People
I'll Remember Her
Come Be My True Love


The Coconut Girl:
Welcome to Pootzie van Doyle
The Coconut Girl
Paddy MacNeil (and His Automobile)
Swing Song
Lilies of the Valley
The Walla Walla Boola


NCR 47: London, 4 November 1964.

CD DRG 13107
('High Spirits:Original West End Cast')

Acc. dir. by Peter Knight.


Something Tells Me (Gray/Martin)
If I Gave You (Gray/Martin)
Forever and a Day (Gray/Martin)
Home Sweet Heaven (Gray/Martin)


(The remainder of the recordings, featuring the original cast, were made on September 14)

NCR 48: London, July 5, 1966.

CD BELART 450 014-2.
('Joan Sutherland sings Noël Coward')

Arr. by Douglas Gamley; orch. cond. Richard Bonynge.

I'll Follow My Secret Heart (Joan Sutherland, with NC dialogue)
Dearest Love (Joan Sutherland, with NC dialogue)

NCR 49: New York, November 15, 1967.

RCA Lp LOC 1141

(Androcles and the Lion)


The Emperor's Thumb
Don't Be Afraid of an Animal (with Norman Wisdom)