Discography - Other Notable Recordings of Noël Coward's Music (ONR)


1. We have included in these lists various recordings known to have been commercially issued and which have have come into our collections, but for which (as individually noted) a date and/or recording label information has not been precisely ascertained.

2. We have also included items taken from important collections of Noël Coward's music which have not been commercially released. These are:


1) 'The Songs of Noël Coward' (SNC), a Warner/Chappell Music promotional CD issued during 2002 and available to (among others) the membership of the Noël Coward Society; it consisted of twenty-six tracks, many of which were historical recordings of Coward songs by a variety of well-known singers (including Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra), and many of which are difficult to obtain toay in any form.


2) 'The Noël Coward Radio Programmes' (NCRP), recorded during 1947. Noël Coward's own contributions to NCRP were commercially issued in 2000 on NCR 30, and a few of the remaining 70+ tracks (variously by Mantovani, Graham Payn, Joyce Grenfell and Victoria Campbell) have also had an Lp release. There are also seven recordings of titles which have no other known recording. These seven 'unique' tracks are also listed and identified below. CD recordings of the complete NCRP are deposited with the Noël Coward Estate and the Coward archive at the University of Birmingham.


3) We also include details of a privately-made recording of Steve Ross performing Coward in cabaret (2004) which has been made available to the membership of the Noël Coward Society.

3. Not included in these numbered lists are reputed recordings by notable artists whose existence we have so far failed to verify. A summary of these is:


THE ASTONISHED HEART (Richard Adinsell, Piano)
DANCE, LITTLE LADY (2-piano arrangement by Eadie and Rack)
LONDON PRIDE (Gracie Fields)
IF LOVE WERE ALL (Clifton Webb, 1931?)

Titles of recommended tracks/interpretations appear in bold throughout ONR 00 - ONR 32a

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