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Recent CDs are:

Steve Ross
Off The Record Unrecorded Coward
22 never-before recorded Coward songs performed by Steve Ross, Jeanne Lehman, Lisa Riegel, and Edward Hibbert, with stories of songs told by Steve. Its hard to believe these great songs were never before recorded.

Steve Ross

Audio CD - Price: $17.95
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Shana Farr - Out Of The Shadows
Ms. Farr was a participant in the 2012 Noël Coward Competition and was the winner of The Julie Wilson Award at the annual Cabaret Convention in October 2012. Her new CD includes selections by Noël Coward.

Audio CD - Price: $14.99 (plus $2.99 shipping)
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Kevin Dozier - Love’s Never Lost
Mr. Dozier was a participant in the first Coward Competition in 2010. He entertained at the annual Noël Coward Society luncheon in 2010. He has often sung Coward in his performances and includes a selection in his newest CD.

Kevin Dozier

Audio CD - Price: $12.00
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Christine Ebersole
Sings Noël Coward

Christine Ebersole

"If you've heard Christine Ebersole sing, you know her lovely, crystal-clear voice alone is enough of a reason to get this CD. But, what I really love about this one is that her brilliant acting comes through and makes it just a delight. She interprets the songs and it translates--you can hear her smile; feel the heartbreak... It's really special." Web

Noël Coward
His Voice in Verse

Noël Coward His Voice in Verse

Barry Day has produced a recording of Coward’s verse read by Coward, his contemporaries and current actors and performers. The CD is being sold in aid of The Combined Theatrical Charities and sells in the UK at £7.99 or in the US $15 p&p included. If you would like a copy please contact Stephen Greenman in the UK and Ken Starrett in the US.

All proceeds go to The Combined Theatrical Charities.